Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dirty Bong Water Drink

More Drinks!

"Dirty Bong Water"

what a terrible name

As part of alcohol walkabout week, I used webtender's "In My Bar" feature, and I got 125 drinks using the 47 ingredients I already had (a lot, I know, right?), 866 using 1 other (not necessarily the same one other) ingredient, 1537 adding 2 additional ingredients, and 1125 with 3 additional... a total of 3653.  That'd have me busier for MUCH more than just a week.

The first drink I have never actually tried before is the title of this post, dirty bong water.  It's a terrible name, but it turns out blue and tasty just the same.

  • 1oz raspberry liqueur (chambord or di amore)
  • 1oz blue curacao
  • 1oz amaretto (disaronno or di amore)
  • 1oz spiced rum (Captain Morgan)
  • 1oz sweet and sour mix
Shake over ice, pour and enjoy.

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