Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's November!?

So I don't have a guide or anything to put together... other than OMG how is it November already!?

I'm still working on the shoes.  When my fingers and arms start aching and tire out after about 15 minutes of intense work, projects like that tend to take months unless I get on several multi-hour fun project days.  Each shoe looks like ... maybe 20% done, and I've been trying to figure out what kind of modge podge I should use to cover the rhinestones once they're done.  I have a Christmas wreath, and now that I have my own spacious apartment I'm wanting to decorate for the holidays more.  I would visit houses like that when I was a kid, and I've always loved the idea of doing it.  

This particular wreath was inspired by my Aunt, here's hers:

She used tulle and fall ribbons to make hers.  When I went shopping today, nobody had tulle.  Sad face for me.  But because it's just a couple of days after Halloween, and all of the Christmas decorations are out in full swing, eeeeeeeeeverything fall is on super clearance.  This was my ribbon success:

The two rolls on the right were about $7.88 (I know, very exact for "about") each from Sam's, and each roll to the left were around $1 each.  

After about 30 minutes of Castle and wrangling with the glitter tape and autumn leaves, the ribbon took another 10 minutes for tying and voila! 

I keep trying to tweak the colors settings on my phone so that my pictures come out in better light, and I know I should've taken it during the day... but oh well.  The leaves are mostly red with gold glitter, once I hang it up on the door I'll take some more pictures! :-)

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