Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Removing Sharpie

Removing Sharpie From My New Purse

*sigh* why do 5th graders like to color on their belongings!?

Went shopping with my best friend last night at Goodwill.  Most of the time I feel dirty walking into Goodwill's in this area, same problem with Wal-Mart's.  It's mostly the lack of cleaning which leads to a smell and not well taken care of merchandise.  

We originally went in looking for a camera bag for her, and what I found was a steal.  (This is where I regret not taking a picture.  I intend to remedy this later!)  It looked straight out of the 1960s.  Rigid navy leather, tan trimming, nice large pocket and two slip pockets on the outside.  Since her husband bought her a new camera, she's needed a camera bag to tote it and all other supplies around in.

As we girls do, we wandered around and shopped a wee bit.  I ended up with a loose wrapped gold wire heart container, Vanna White yarn for $0.99, and a $4 butterfly purse.  The $4 butterfly purse is why we're here.  

This is the (almost) before photo of the butterfly purse, sharpied galore:

Yes, I am bad at taking pictures.  My desk was convenient because I had already started working (hence the wet spot around "SKY").  

These are the spots I want removed:

I am currently dousing the hecks out of them with rubbing alcohol.  There have been many paper towels. 

This is what I'm going off of:

I'll post a picture when I'm done! :-)

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