Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jersey Bracelet

Jersey Bracelet

from V & Co.

I love this bracelet.  I mean LOVE it.  Even <3 it.  I'm the biggest fan of comfy-ness out there (I even held on to a fortune I got when I was 12 in my wallet).  Most jewelry is not "comfortable" but it is attractive.  This is great for me :-)

I've only ever made the 2 finger version of this, it was large enough around my wrist that I didn't want to make anything bigger.

I did the size on the right, with the color in the middle.
You will need approximately 3 strips of jersey fabric (cut on the thin side unless you prefer a monster sized bracelet) 1" each is their recommendation, at 58" long minimum.  Then you just need a hand.

First step is to cut an eyelet to start out in two of your three strips.

They measured it out to a 1/4" slit, but I just did a tiny snip with my scissors, no measuring involved.

Match them up,


Then you pull the third strip through,

And pull gently until you get a knot that looks like this:

Then you'll start weaving the knit around your fingers like so:

After you've looped around your fingers, you'll overlap (two fingers above, four fingers left)

And then start "weaving" 

If you can't tell (took me a few tries until I was sure) you're pulling the originally looped knit OVER your finger, and over the overlap knit shown in the previous picture.

After you've done the looping a time or two, it'll begin to look like this:

And after you've done MANY loops, it'll begin to look like this:

Be sure to tug on the tail so that it makes the chain more defined (stretched out straight instead of scrunched up).

Once you've determined it's long enough, I always manually wrapped it around my wrist, carefully pull the loops off your fingers, and don't accidentally drop them:

Slip the extra tail through both loops

Pull through, and gently tie it off with a knot.

And voila!

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