Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bookmark Hell

I'm saving myself from the bookmarks.

They're everywhere.

Since I turned 22 in 2011, and starting my senior year of college, along with moving in and out of 3 different apartments, I realized I couldn't keep up with Outlook or my little red planner.  My post-it notes and bookmarks, being tied to one physical location or object to manage my life or my interests became impossible. I turned to Google Reader to start subscribing to a lot of my favorite blogs for cooking and DIY crafts/home makeovers, and instead of cataloging all of the things I want to do some day, I thought I'd save them for myself where I can get them anywhere, no matter where I am 2 months from now.  

So that's what this is going to be.  I'm not saying all of these things are mine, most of them are borrowed from someone else, and it's a huge collection of things I like and want to do, if I can ever tear myself away from the rest of life (a great deal of watching tv and video games) to do them.

Hopefully you'll enjoy my tastes also :-)

<3 Andes

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